• The Elisha Code & the Coming Revival

Releases November 25, 2023!

Is there a “hidden code” to the Bible—a code hidden in plain sight—we have been missing for generations? This book cracks the code Jesus revealed to his disciples.

By studying the ministry of Jesus, we can rediscover the blueprint he was following to launch the first century church. It is a blueprint patterned after the prophetic Old Testament ministries of Elijah and Elisha.

Together, let’s crack the Elisha Code, renew our first love, and become participants in the next great end-times revival—a revival marked by a double portion of Christ’s miraculous anointing.

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175 pages


Wow! This is terrific. Reading The Elisha Code and the Coming Revival is like walking the road to Emmaus with the resurrected Jesus and two of his twenty-first century disciples—Ed Hird and David Kitz. Share their excitement as Jesus opens their minds to the Old Testament prophecies about Himself. With the added benefit of New Testament insights and lessons from history, we see the Holy Spirit preparing to ignite fresh revival fires in our day.

Don Hutchinson, pastor, lawyer, and author of Church in Society: First Century Citizenship Lessons for Twenty-First Century Christians

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The Elisha Code & the Coming Revival

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